Product NameAbbey CodeCI Number*
Acid Alizarin N3150015670
Acid Alizarin N3150015670
Alizarin Saphirol A564062055
Alizarin Yellow GG3550014025
Amido Black1020470
Auramine O (certifiable)3301041000
Basic Orange G2001648035
Bismark Brown Y (certifiable)1101021000
Brilliant Green (certifiable)1601142040
Chromotrope FB2308014720
Congo Red (indicator grade)2404022120
Crystal Violet (certifiable)2910042555
Crystal Violet (certified)2911042555
Diazo Light Yellow GG3365536900
Direct Fast Pink 2BL2407025380
ABCOL® Eosin Y (certifiable)2320045380
ABCOL® Eosin Y (certified)2320345380
ABCOL® Fast Crimson G2304018050
ABCOL® Hematoxylin (certified)405075290
Malachite Green Carbinol1851042000:1
Malachite Green Oxalate (certifiable)1602042000
Metanil Yellow3257013065
Methyl Violet (2B) PXN (certifiable)2905042535
Methyl Orange1914013025
Methylene Blue (Zinc Free)606052015
Mordant Black TN251014645
Mordant Orange 62104026520
Napthol Green B1551010020
Neptune Red Base2811045170:1
Nigrosine, Water Soluble (certifiable)2050420
Oil Red O (certifiable)2808026125
Oil Soluble Green1854061565
Orange G1909016230
Orange G (certified)1909116230
Orange R Conc2103014030
Palatine Chrome Black 6BN253015705
Patent Blue A556042080
Patent Blue VF (indicator grade)555042045
ABCOL® Phenol Red, Sodium Salt23030NA
Plasmocorinth B951016680
Prussian Blue905077510
Rhodamine B2914045170
Rhodamine 6 GDN2352045160
Rose Bengal2327145440
Safranin O2352550240
Sirus Red 4B2411028160
Sudan Black B (certifiable)501026150
Sudan I3760012055
Sudan II2253012140
Sudan III (certifiable)2804026100
Sudan  IV (certifiable)2806026105
Sulforhodamine B2314045100
Tripan Blue700523850
Victoria Blue B607044045
* CI Number = Color Index Number

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