Logwood is a spiny, tropical American tree, largely found in the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico. The extract is a purplish-red dye derived from processing the darkest heartwood. Logwood extract is used to make hematine (primarily used for dying sutures) and hematoxilyn (primarly used in histology).


Logwood extract is a natural tinctorial wood extract with these characteristics:

  • Properties – Natural, antiallergenic, antistatic, ecological, organic, vegetal, biodegradable and safe
  • Advantages – High quality, more resistance to wash, highly resistant to light and transpiration
  • Products you can dye with logwood extract include – fine leather, cotton, hard fibers, silk, suede, wood, wool
  • Colors
    • Depending on the mordant used the following colors can be achieved: black, grey, navy blue, purple, violet, lavender
    • Color Index: 75290 Natural Black No.1
    • CAS: 8005 33 2
    • EINECS: 232 337 6

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