Water tracing dyes are those used to track or trace the flow of the liquid in question. This is most frequently done for analytical purposes and is a modern evolution of the float tracing method, where an object is thrown into a moving body of water to measure the flow. Water tracing dyes offer a higher level of accuracy and quantitative data than the float tracing method.

Fluorescent dyes are frequently used for water tracing, especially in circumstances of low lighting (such as the water is underground or in cave), or if exceptionally precise data is required.


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As a leading manufacturer of water-soluble dyes, Abbey Color offers water tracing dyes for various commercial and industrial uses. The two most common leak detection and water tracing dyes are Uranine and Rhodamine WT. Abbey Color is the only worldwide manufacturer of both dyes. Uranine is a yellowish fluorescent dye while the Rhodamine WT is fluorescent red in color. Both water tracking dyes can be detected by either a black light or a spectrophotometer.

Uranine is manufactured as both a powder and a liquid while the Rhodamine WT is produced as a liquid only. Both can be easily handled in the field for study.

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